Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heaters

Standard Water Heaters – Repair & Installation

Same Day Service, Quality Products, & Great Price

AFFORDABLE PLUMBING SOLUTIONS offers more than a competitive price for water heater replacement and repairs. We give same day service because we stock most common size water heaters and parts on our AFFORDABLE PLUMBING SOLUTIONS Plumbing trucks — so we don’t have to get them and you don’t go without hot water. We carry expansion tanks on each truck as well.

Made by quality manufacturers with strong quality control, our Bradford White water heaters last longer. They are less susceptible to leaking and rupturing because they are made from mined ore in America rather than imported scrap metal which contains small flecks of rust and other particles. You will be much happier with the staying power of a water heater installed by AFFORDABLE PLUMBING SOLUTIONS and will have to replace it less often.

We install Bradford White Heaters for a few reasons:

  1. Bradford White is made here in the USA.
  2. They own their own steel plant here in Michigan.
  3. They test EVERY heater before it leaves the plant.
  4. If for any reason something goes wrong, we can get parts that same day. All other companies require a phone order and the part to be sent in the mail. Who has time to wait?
  5. Technical support is readily available for us 24/7
  6. Training–I personally attend training seminars offered by the manufacturer every three months to stay on top of the latest products and to stay sharp.

Call us when you need a quality water heater and professional installation

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

If your problem is not enough hot water when needed, we offer many solutions for your family’s requirements. Tankless water heaters when sized correctly, can offer unlimited hot water on demand. I’ve been trained by the manufacturer on how to install and maintain these units. I have one in my own home. They have a 15 year warranty versus the 6 year on the tank type. Energy is saved because there’s no constant need to keep a “storage” tank heated. They are more expensive up front, but the savings over time is worth it. Plus, we can put the tanks in areas of your home or business that normally would require a lot of space. These units are vented outside via, a PVC pipe and don’t require a traditional chimney.