Sewer Inspections

Drain Cleaning and Clogged Sewer or Drains

Taking The Right Approach For Your Drain Issue

Different drains in your home are clogged for different reasons. Kitchen drains are full of soap and food debris. Bathroom drains are clogged from hair, shampoo and foreign objects. AFFORDABLE PLUMBING  SOLUTIONS  offers a variety of drain clearing services to address different issues. Call on us for:

  • Mechanical rodding for traditional drain clearing
  • Sewer rodding for tough sewer line blockages
  • Hyrdo jetting for deep rooted clogs
  • Video Inspection and recording
  • Line Locating Services.

So if your drains is making weird noises or you’re standing in a puddle in the shower, see water on the floor you know isn’t supposed to be there, call AFFORDABLE PLUMBING  SOLUTIONS. We have the right equipment to solve your drain issue quickly and efficiently.

Hyrdo Jetting

If your Sewer has a root infestation, a Hydro Jett is the perfect process to eliminate that problem and to clean your drain lines properly. We offer that service and our highly trained technicians are very experienced in locating your problem, developing a strategy and executing that strategy to get your home back up and flowing as it should be. A lot of times a “ROD” only gets your sewer flowing, but its only open not clean and there’s a big difference. A rod can leave behind obstructions where a hydrojetter will pulverize roots and wash them away. Call us for a free consultation!

Sewer & Drain Problems

Whether your whole house is backed up or just your bathroom vanity, we have the latest equipment and years of experience to get your drains up and running again! If your drains are taking forever to go down or if they have a foul odor, you are already partially blocked! Be proactive and give us a call and we can get your sinks flowing the way they should be!

Sewer problems can be caused by:

  • Broken, cracked, corroded, or collapsed pipes caused by moving soil, frozen ground, or deterioration
  • Blockages preventing proper flow from objects or grease build up
  • Roots in the sewer lines when trees seek out nutrients from your sewer line by finding weak spots
  • Off-grade substandard pipe material
  • Leaking joints where pipe connections have broken, allowing water to escape.

We can repair or replace any cracked or collapsed drain.